Post Graduate Diploma in Health Leadership and Management at the Solomon Islands National University


Post Graduate Diploma in Health Leadership and Management at the Solomon Islands National University

Program Beginnings.

The HLM course was initiated by Dr Tenneth Dalipanda the Permanent Secretary for Health, funded by the WHO Solomon Islands Country Office and developed and delivered in 2018 by Human Resources for Development Alliance Pty Ltd (HRDA) in conjunction with executives of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services and staff of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU). HRDA has access to professorial high-level health sector consultants and educators, including Emeritus Professor Arie Rotem, HRDA Director Lee Ridoutt and Andrew Carnegie. The Project Director (Dr Graham Roberts PhD) has 35 years of experience working with Pacific communities including PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji. Dr Roberts is a dual Australian and Fijian citizen.

The first cohort of 16 students completed the program in the first Semester of 2019, supported by Korean funding through the World Health Organization, (WHO Solomon Islands Country Office). The program has been provided through the Faculty of Nursing, Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.  An independent evaluation conducted at the completion of the first cohort was very positive regarding its high standard of delivery and its contextual relevance to Melanesia, the Solomon Islands and to health services in the Pacific.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) WHO supported a second cohort of 21 students in the HLM program, who completed in the second semester of 2020 due to COVID 19 disruptions. The HLM program runs over 2 semesters, with 4 residential schools – 2 residential schools of 2 weeks each per semester.

There is a significant potential to provide the HLM program to other countries in the Pacific Region, many of which are experiencing major problems in the delivery of health services; and to further develop the HLM program into a Master of Public Health (Management).

Teaching and learning methods

The HLM program is designed on a model of learning-by-doing and by reflection on experience within the participants’ working contexts.  It commences with orientation to the national policy context, strategic health and development policies and structures, and engages participants in group discussion of problem-based scenarios.

It is structured to allow participants from other nations to review their own national development plans and strategic health policies. The program uses conceptual frameworks to help participants structure their experience of leadership and management and to develop skills in managing staff and creating feasible health plans consistent with national strategic plans. Several guest speakers provide insights from within other Ministries and services. As the program progresses it is anticipated that selected graduands will assist in the delivery of the program.

Summary: Program Aims, Outcomes and Structure

Course Aims:  The course aims to produce competent health service leaders and managers able to effectively implement national health sector strategies and to achieve operational objectives within their areas of responsibility.


Learning outcomes.  Graduates of this program will have reflected deeply on their personal management styles, their knowledge, attitude and skills and on their prior experiences of management within the Solomon Islands context.  They will have identified areas for strengthening their performance, learned and tested new approaches to effective staff leadership and management, learned how to communicate strategic directions and the establishment of effective cooperation, both within the health sector and with community partner organizations, cultural, political and religious leaders. They will have a clearer understanding of resource management and the financial and administrative systems related to their delegated authorities.


Unit Unit Code Semester 1 Credit
Residential School 1
1 PG 83CSRLE Culture, Social Responsibility and Leadership Ethics 10
2 PG 83LNC Leadership in the National Context 10
Residential School 2
3 PG 83CRM Communication & Relationship Management 10
4 PG 83LP Leading People 10
  Semester 2
Residential School 3
5 PG 83APFB Annual Planning, Finance and Budgeting 10
6 PG  83LPMT Leading Projects and Managing Time 10
Residential School 4
7 PG 83QSSP Quality and Safety in Service Provision 10
8 PG 84MAP Major Assessment Project 10

Total Credit Value




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