Arie Rotem – AM

Senior Associate

Development and management of human resources, institutional strengthening, change management, educational development, evaluation of programs and services

- During tenure at UNSW, served as Head of the School of Medical Education, Director of the World Health Organization Regional Training Centre for Health Development and Head of the Centre for Public Health.

- Consultancies in more than 20 countries with governments and international agencies focus on health systems development, Human resource for health and Health Professions Education.

- Contributing to workforce planning and development as a consultant to international agencies and governments. Recent main assignments include; Advisor to Ministry of Health Lao PDR on Human Resource Development (Asian Development Bank and Lux Dev) Review and formulation of Health; Workforce Strategic Plans as adviser to the Ministries of Health of Cambodia and Myanmar (WHO); Review of WHO  Regional Strategy on HRH;  Impact evaluation of UN agencies sponsored fellowships; Development of Educational Development Centres in Lao PDR and Cambodia; Development of methodology for projection of health workforce requirements (WHO).