Dr Anthony Zwi


Anthony Zwi will assume the role of content advisor for the project and brings expertise in development policy and evaluation, the interface of evidence and policy, and is a content expert in a number of the specific areas proposed for analysis. Anthony’s background is in global health and international development, with particular interest in development policy and its evaluation. He is committed to informing policy with evidence and has written extensively around this and related topics. He is an experienced researcher with a full-time University position and is undertaking this project as an independent evaluator working as an associate with HCA. He is well versed in current development debates and policies, as well as in facilitating the uptake of evidence-informed policy. He has experience of undertaking realist analyses including in relation to gender-based violence in emergencies and disaster risk reduction. He has undertaken consultancies with a range of agencies including Burnett Institute, Marie Stopes International, as well as evaluative research for the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and a number of governments.

Anthony has undertaken research in the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh and further afield. He brings a development-oriented approach reinforced by a commitment to building capacity and enhancing capabilities. He is an excellent facilitator and seeks to develop a sense of ownership and engagement with those with whom he works. Some of Anthony’s relevant publications are:

Zwi, A., Spurway, K., Marincowitz, R., Ranmuthugala, G., Hobday, K. and Thompson, L. (2018) Do CBDRM initiatives impact on the social and economic costs of disasters? If so, how, why, when and in what way(s)? London: EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Centre, Institute of Education, University of London.
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