Lee Ridoutt


Adjunct Associate Professor, Notre Dame University, School of Medicine

BSc (Agriculture) (University of NSW), MA (Education & Work) (Macquarie University), Member Australian Human Resources Institute

Lee is a strategic planner specialising in human resources for health. Lee has specific skills in working with, managing and analysing service and program problems through a workforce lens, but this perspective is also highly informed by many years of also designing and undertaking a significant number of large and small evaluation research projects. Lee’s quantitative data collection and analysis research capabilities draw from his science degree and his qualitative research capacity is built on a Masters degree in education.

Lee’s extensive workforce and organisational evaluation research experience is underpinned by a philosophy espousing the primacy of customer needs in assessing the appropriateness of service delivery from that viewpoint. This philosophical commitment has been particularly important in conducting a number of research studies over the last decade with Indigenous workers and communities.

Lee has over 40 years of experience in professional, consulting and line management roles. While creating and sustaining a successful strategic HR consultancy in Australia during this time, he has continued to undertake consultancies in the Asia Pacific region. He has consulted to a range of not for profit organisations (e.g., Save the Children USA) United Nations organisations (e.g., UNICEF, UNDP, WHO) and other major development organisations (e.g., EBRD, DFAT)  and private corporations (mostly hospitals). He has conducted consultancy assignments in Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Papua-New Guinea, Mongolia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Egypt, Ukraine and Ireland. And of course many projects in Australia.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Lee was employed for eight years in the NSW Department of Health, the last 4 years as the Director of Health Workforce Planning. During his employment in NSW Health, he designed and planned health workforce policies to optimise the delivery of health care.

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